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Robinson Crusoe book review

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the account of the seaman who was shipwrecked and spent twenty-eight years on a desert island has become one of the most famous stories in English literature. The book represents an adventure novel, the main character reflecting the author’s subconscious. It was written by Daniel Defoe who was born in London in 1660. He was the author of works in many genres, ranging over politics, economics, history, biography and crime. Among his best-known novels are “Robinson Crusoe”(1719), “Moll Flanders”, and “Roxana”(1724). It was made to prove Defoe’s belief in man’s survival in a different world. He did it by basing the story on real facts. It is perhaps as complex a book as Defoe is as man and writer. It is to see Defoe as a journalist, as a keen observer of actual life, a merchant and a tradesman, who in writing fiction was a skilled manipulator of middle-class preferences. I like this book because it is

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