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Robinson Crusoe II

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they wanted to eat him . Finally he found a man foot print on the island . First he thought that the foot print was his foot print but it was bigger . After that he sow the remainders of a cannibal meal . After a while he met the cannibals who sat around a fire for a cannibal meal . He told himself that he would kill them if they came again on his island . Another boat wrecked near the island and he went to the boat to see if anyone survived but he didn’t find anyone alive . After that he had an unusual dream and in that day he saw five cannibals boats coming to the island . He saved a cannibal and he made him his slave . He named him Friday and Friday was amazed by Robinson’s shotgun . Friday learnt English and he told him that on the continent there were some white men like Robinson Crusoe . They both built a boat and they decided to go on the continent to talk with the others white men , but the wild men came again to the island to eat a Spanish man and the other cannibal , who was Friday’s father . Friday , the Spanish man and Friday’s father went to the continent . In this time , when Robinson was alone , a English ship came near the island and another boat brought on the island three prisoners . Among the prisoners was the captain of the ship . Robinson helped the captain to get back to his ship and to punish the rebels . After twenty-eight years he finally left the island . When he arrived in Yorkshire he found out that many members of his family died . On his way to Brazil to get his proprieties he stopped in Lisbon where he met an old friend , the

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