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Robinson Crusoe

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, he got sick, and he had a nightmare. After recovering, he started again his trips on the island and he found the Holly Scriptures in a sailor’s chest and he considered it like a sign from God. In his further searching, he found tobacco, grapes, lemons and sugar cane, but all of them were wild. Although he had searched carefully, he couldn’t find any human being. But the rainy season came and he locked himself into the house. In his second search of the island, Robinson taught a parrot to speak. He discovered that in a part of the island there were some turtles and some sea birds. Moreover, Robinson caught a kid that he tamed. In addition to this, he found a means of burning the earth dishes and he built a boat that he couldn’t push into water. However, the ink and the bread were over and the clothes were gradually replaced by those made of animals’ skin. Eventually, Robinson succeeded to push the boat into the water and he was carried on the sea. He hardly came back ashore and he fell asleep. Then, he was woken up by a soft voice that was his parrot’s. So, even if he was living on a deserted island, Robinson managed to find himself all that he needed by the help of his inventions. But one day he saw some footprints on the shore and this scared him a bit. Later, he saw a boat on the sea and a feast of the cannibals and this really frightened him. Felling sick, he

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